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Ranch Happenings

The end of last month. We got a beautiful new addition to the ranch.  We purchased a 2018 Brown Roan Filly from Nick Allen in Soldier Kansas.  He has the Bar X3 Ranch.  We named her Meg and she is a sweet little filly that we adore. She will turn 6 months on the 23rd of September.

Other happenings are that we got our Sewer system in for the bathrooms, have done lots of work on the tack room and are getting about complete.  So we are so much closer to getting open.  We are excited to start seeing kids and will be doing a limited opening up for this fall.  We will have a volunteer training session this fall so please fill out a volunteer form on the website and contact me if you  have questions on dates/times.  We will be doing some fundraising so be watching the calendar for some upcoming events here at the Ranch.  I pray you have a blessed day and Christ’s love rains down on you like this wonderful rain we have received.         Karen


Karen (10)