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Hello Dear Friends


It is a snowy cold day here on the Ranch.  Being busy and facing challenges that winter throws our way can be a cause for us to sometimes feel defeated.  I rest in the eternal hope that God gives us that even this too shall pass and before we know it the tulips will be blooming and there will be a warm breeze heading our way.  Winter is also a time to reflect.  I struggle with the cold and the winter blues to the point that even now I wouldn’t balk at the presence of a fly.  This particularly has been a very hard winter here in Kansas with lots of our neighbors losing large amounts of livestock.  We have been in comparison very blessed.

My soul finds that if I praise Him in the rain before long I see the rainbow and I am at peace that God is sovereign over all things.  It is easy to take things for granted in our fleshly bodies but God calls us to a higher purpose.  When I feel particularly down I go on a Praise Rant! I praise God for everything: rain, snow, wind, warm fire, smell of something tasty in the oven.  Even though winter is not my favorite season there is a purpose for everything under Heaven, even Old Man Winter.  Appreciating and thanking God for the little things is medicine for your soul.


Take some time this winter season to renew yourself and get ready for when Spring does hit.  Take the extra time to stay in God’s word seeking Him in everything we do because frankly it is too cold to do much else.   Sit by a warm fire and let God quiet you mind and heart.  Drink hot chocolate or coffee while eating a cinnamon role and savor the essence of the little things.  It is too easy to get caught up in the world and lose yourself in the process.   Find things you enjoy to do or learn something new.  I taught myself to crochet some simple patterns with the help of my Grandmas DNA, tried new recipes, & started painting again. Keeping God your true North will help keep everything in life balanced.

Christian Action

A universal law is “what we sow shall we reap”.  Be kind and you will get kindness back, be hateful and you will get hate back.  My challenge for myself is to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Find a need and meet it.  That is one reason we started our ministry for kids.  We want to sow Christ’s love into their lives and start a chain reaction.  Feeling overwhelmed by that challenge?  Make cookies for a senior citizen group, shovel off your elderly neighbors steps and sidewalk, be observant to those around you & then… be Jesus.

Many prayers to you my friends.. stay warm






We are so excited to be hosting our first annual Run on the Ranch Fundraiser.  It will be held on May 4th, 2019 with check in and late registration starting at 7:30 and race starting at 9:00.  Races will be a 5K & 10K.  So we have been really busy getting ready for opening day and the race.

Keep watching the webpage because we will be hosting our 1st annual trail ride this upcoming fall.   It will be hosting at Milford State Park so watch for  our upcoming date/time.


Other happenings, we have built several pens for stall dump outs.  That way the horses in the stalls have some exercise room during the day.  More stone work and finishing work has been completed in the office.  We have one more wall of stone to complete and then it will be done.  It is looking beautiful though.  All the finishing details have been completed on the wood work in the tack room except a little staining when it gets warmer.  We have also finished electrical work in the out house, so let there be light!  Thanks to Wyatt Pryor & Dallas Pryor who did the electrical work.

Mud has been the theme of this fall/winter.  The ranch either has mud or freezing mud. HAHA!  At least there is moisture.  Last year at this time was kind of scary with how bad the drought was.  We thankfully at least have water in the creeks and ponds.  With too much water, the ranch has had a few setbacks this year with 2 water leaks that thankfully were realized quickly and repaired.   The ground really shifted with going from extremely dry ground to very saturated ground.


There have been a few new additions that have joined us here at the ranch.  We are getting to know the new horses personalities and will be posting pics and bio’s soon.  We love all our new additions so we are excited that they are here at the ranch.

Hope you all will drop by and see us.   Take care and God Bless





We had our first calf from our Red Angus girls last night.  He was so cute.  Rick and I were so excited with his arrival.  We couldn’t believe what a big calf he is.  It is always awesome to see new life on the Ranch.  We also have let our chicks we had got this spring out of the barn.  Now they are running all over the yard eating he plague of grasshoppers we have had this year.  Our poor Guinea’s have not been able to keep up with the supply.  Our puppy Harley is actually leaving them alone.  I was dragging the muck cart behind me cleaning stalls this morning and it spooked the chickens who then came flying out of the barn in a rapid burst of craziness.  It scared Harley so bad she ran up to the porch.  I had to laugh because she didn’t know what was happening so she opted to take off.  She probably didn’t want mom blaming her for the chickens going crazy.


We got the last of the waterlines trenched last night.  It got dark so we didn’t get the line or hydrant in quite yet.  We also worked on the stall area and got the “nailer” boards and bottom boards in the back side.  We hopefully will be able to set some stalls this weekend.   My son Dallas came out and helped with electrical wiring again which hopefully by this weekend we will have power to the barn.  It all seems to be coming together.  We will have the blessing of having some help this weekend.  With that help I will hopefully get the rest of the saddling area painted with sayings.   I am getting more excited as the days pass.  We are coming along so nicely.  I am so pleased with the progress we have made.  I couldn’t have done any of this without my hubby.  He is truly a Godsend.  I don’t know what my days would be like without him.


With all the progress we have made we will be opening soon so watch for announcements.   Please be in prayers for God to bring the kids who are in need to us.  Be in prayers for our volunteers and ourselves as we prepare of this new adventure.  Have a blessed day.

Love always




We had an awesome day here at the ranch.  We got our alleyway poured for the horse barn and our forms cleaned up.  Thank you to Jason Gustafson’s crew for helping us finish the concrete.  We made it far enough in the process that we actually didn’t have any critter prints in it. (Which usually just doesn’t happen around here.)  We had the blessing of having our Pastor Barry and his daughter Jenna out for a visit and a tour.  We had great fellowship and made some future plans.

Tyson has made some emotional adjustments and has relented in laying on the couch outside under the shade tree.  I know you all were concerned about his well-being.  We even let him keep all his blankets! 🙂

Have a blessed night ya’ll




It is profound to me to think that the tragedy that happened 17 years ago.  It brings me back to that very instant and the numbing weeks of fear that followed when we were wondering what was going to happen next.  Earlier today, I watched a video from the news reels that had played that day & it took me back to that morning 17 years ago.  That morning I had flipped on the news just to hear the background noise as I went about my daily tasks.  My kids were playing on the floor.  They were really just babies at the time at 6 & 2.   I had walked back into the living room & glanced up seeing the first plane hit the World Trade Center.  It was surreal and I questioned in my mind if I saw what I thought I saw, but the feeling in my stomach wouldn’t let me change the image that was going through my head.  From then forward, I was glued to the TV as I watched things go from bad to worse.  I didn’t even get dressed for the day until late in the afternoon.  The realization that spread through the world when the second tower was hit was that we were under attack. I can still see the images that flooded the television for weeks following the tragedy.  So much so they advised parents to be careful regarding the exposure to the images that our children were getting.


As the weeks drug on we realized the entire scope of what had happened.  We started to hear about the rescue efforts stopping and recovery beginning which brought the realization of how devastating this truly was.  We knew that there would be a new normal of fear and pride all at the same time.  Fearful of something else happening while feeling a unity and pride in our country that had been slowly diminishing before this tragedy.  We knew that this would take years to recover from.  We knew that we were not laying down as a country and that there would be a fight.  A quiet hope and faith started to spread throughout our country.  People were being kind and compassionate towards others helping in many situations.  We saw a huge surge in reenlistments of our military that we should see at all times not just during a tragedy.  People turned towards God & country.  What was significant at the time before 9/11 wasn’t significant after.  Our country was united.


We wonder as Christians sometimes why things happen?  Why do tragedies strike?  Why do I have cancer or have lost a child?   While we cannot answer those questions we have, the knowledge that God promises to never leave us or forsake us.  He is with us at ALL times & in ALL circumstances.  We may not know why we are faced with some of the challenges of this world but we have the assurance that we are never alone.  Fear can be all consuming if a person walks in a spirit of fear.  God wants us to look to Him in all situations and HE will give us peace & assurance that HE will get us through all circumstances if we remain in HIM.

Have a blessed day everyone and don’t forget to continue to pray for those families effected by Sept 11th.  Continue to pray for our country and to walk with a spirit of Hope that we are God’s and He has us.  Walk in a spirit of compassion for our fellow man for we may never know the burdens another person carries.

Love Always



Sometimes the world takes me by surprise and I find myself lost.   It is easy to let your “faith” boat get one degree off course.  Even though one degree may not sound like a big deal if your going across a small pond, but if you are voyaging across the ocean, you would not end up where you were wanting to go.  Sometimes I’m sailing along, sun on my face, beautiful breeze in the sail, but as lovely as the day is I’m still heading in the wrong direction.  So many people get off course, myself included, and beat themselves up for being off a degree.  Whether we are being internally selfish, busy, over committed, or anything else, it is not surprising that getting off course one degree happens in our lives.  We look up and suddenly we are lost!!  Christ is our ultimate compass.  We cannot get distracted by all the trappings of this world.  Focusing on God and having him direct your life will keep you on course.   God’s word is our ultimate road map.  The Bible will even tell us when there is road construction and to take another route.   The amazing thing is Christ has so much Grace and Mercy even when we get off course, He is more than willing to give us our “Course Correction Coordinates”.  We just need to accept that though we may try, we are not perfect people.  He will always get us where we are going if we keep our eyes on Him.  Remember we cannot follow what we are not focused on.  Have a blessed day.


Today was a gorgeous day on the ranch.  It is drying out from our week of rain so we got a little dirt work done around the “outhouse”.  We placed some field stones as stepping stones to get up to the door.  We also finished forming and tomorrow morning there will be a cement alleyway in the horse barn.  Exciting stuff is happening.  This will help further along our project by giving us the foundation to set stall fronts.

On a side note.  After pouting a few days Tyson decided to lay on his couch we moved out of the horse barn under a shade tree.  He is not completely happy about it by some of the stink faces he was throwing our way.  🙂

Yesterday we had a beautiful Sunday off and Rick and I went riding to check cows and pasture horses.  It was wonderful to see the ponds full and the creek running again.  It makes you appreciate the little things.  The pasture horses were being rather elusive but the girls were doing great.  All fat and sassy.  We hope to be seeing some little red angus babies before the month is out.  Have an awesome and very blessed week.  Karen



It has been an early fall here at the ranch with this week of rain and cloudy days.  We are still playing in the mud but we don’t mind after finally getting relief from the drought this summer.  It is now one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the fall!  We are starting into calving season & they are popping all over the ranch.  We will start to get a sprinkling of little ones here and there starting now continuing on for several more months.  Rick and I saw a little black white face calf just born today.  You forget for a minute just how little they are for the first week or two.  This time of year always makes me nostalgic of years gone by.  I always remember my childhood where fall harvest was another big time of year.  I would just stare at those beautiful big orange harvest moons.

Family time was always big for us gearing up for the holidays.  We got the blessing of having my sister Sue stop by for a visit with her husband Kevin & our nephew Zim.  We had a great chat and quite a few laughs.  Quality time with family is something that you can never get back if lost.  We try to take advantage of family time as much as possible.


As far as projects coming along.  We got the alleyway in the horse barn formed up for concrete early this next week.  It will help us get to finish the outside wall of the tack room and get the door on.  We also got a lot of construction clean up done and the north corner getting ready for stalls.  I’m so excited getting some of these projects finished up.  We want such an inviting environment for the kids & families coming out here to the ranch.


Poor Tyson was in a pout this evening.   We moved he old couch out of the barn that he loves to lay on all day.  He about doesn’t know what to do with himself.  He will just have to lay on the old couch under the shade tree.  I think he will be alright though 😉  He still has his big office chair in the shop.

Blessings for a wonderful evening.




Ranch Happenings

The end of last month. We got a beautiful new addition to the ranch.  We purchased a 2018 Brown Roan Filly from Nick Allen in Soldier Kansas.  He has the Bar X3 Ranch.  We named her Meg and she is a sweet little filly that we adore. She will turn 6 months on the 23rd of September.

Other happenings are that we got our Sewer system in for the bathrooms, have done lots of work on the tack room and are getting about complete.  So we are so much closer to getting open.  We are excited to start seeing kids and will be doing a limited opening up for this fall.  We will have a volunteer training session this fall so please fill out a volunteer form on the website and contact me if you  have questions on dates/times.  We will be doing some fundraising so be watching the calendar for some upcoming events here at the Ranch.  I pray you have a blessed day and Christ’s love rains down on you like this wonderful rain we have received.         Karen


Children’s Ministry

Hello everyone.  I am so happy you are visiting our webpage.  We are so excited you are here.  Feel free to check us out.  All our love  Karen